A husband-and-wife, indie pop duo, we are Major & Johnna—we are the sum of MajorLOVE.

“Hello,” says the band. “How are you?”

Yeah, MajorLOVE likes conversation. They like to ask. They like to listen. And they like to answer. But don’t worry—they’re not interested in boring you with small talk, keeping conversation limited to the kiddy pool, perpetuating cocktail hour.

MajorLOVE likes the real conversations—the deep ones. They prefer the ones that take place around the campfire or the ones that involve a bottle of wine. And no, they aren’t about soliloquy or lecture or beyond-abstract, frustrated self expression.

So reciprocate. Say “hello” back. Because MajorLOVE is more than just approachable or down to earth. They’re interested.

Meet Johnna

She loves a good cup of tea, a book, and a rainy day. There really is nothing like the smell of rain in the desert. Her favorite color is green and sour punch straws are her kryptonite.

Meet Major

He loves composing music and a good whiskey on the rocks. His favorite color is red and delicious restraunts are his kryptonite.